LiU Game Conference

LiU Game Conference is an annual conference about computer games, visualization and virtual reality, presented by LiU Innovation. During an intense afternoon we explore trends in digital entertainment with games industry professionals and leading scientists from all over the world. Students and employees from Linköping University are welcome as well as professionals from related industries.

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About LiU Game Conference

LiU Game Conference offers two tracks: GAME TRACK with game industry people and SCIENCE TRACK with leading scientists within games, visualization and VR.

We have speakers from Mojang, Naughty Dog, Facebook, LEGO and Resolution Games to mention a few. The conference also features LiU Game Awards, were students from Linköping University compete with innovative game prototypes.

During the conference there will be an exhibition where you can explore games, art and innovative companies.

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Game Track

The computer games industry is one of the fastest expanding business areas right now, driving development of immersive entertainment, visualization and virtual reality. In our region – Linköping and Norrköping – we have all the expertise needed to make amazing games. But we need more startups! Therefor we have collected some of the hottest and most interesting game industry people; to inspire you to develop the best games and interactive experiences in the world!

Science Track

Linköping University may not typically be associated with computer games. But we are a leading university within all the knowledge areas needed to make great games! Computer science, visualization, artificial intelligence, user interaction, graphical design and storytelling are some of the areas were LiU is a leading university. At the Science Track we present LiU scientists and guest to showcase the latest research within games, visualization and VR.

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LiU Game Awards

LiU Game Awards is an annual student competition that originates from the course ”Games Programming” (TDDD23) at Linköping University, but of course any student can apply. Every year we pick a three winners from 10 nominated game prototypes. The jury consists of seasoned games industry people. The winner get to pick a gaming console and 20.000 SEK to finalize the game!

Submit a game to LiU Game Awards [CLOSED]

Winners 2010-2015

Winner 2016: Radical Rabbit Stew

Winner 2015: Blanda

Winner 2014: Spacecraft

Winner 2013: Wrangle Tangle

Winner 2012: Friday

Fellow Student Pick 2011: Kristall

Winner 2010: Pyzzlix

SEK to the winning game prototype in LiU Game Awards
participants – students, scientists and entrepreneurs
exciting speakers with focus on games and visualization




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