LiU Game Conference 2017

LiU Game Conference

November 9, 2017
12:00 – 21:00
Kårhuset Kollektivet

LiU Game Conference is an annual conference about computer games, visualization and virtual reality, presented by LiU Innovation and HiQ. During an intense afternoon we explore trends in digital entertainment with games industry professionals and leading scientists from all over the world.

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Where business and entertainment meet

In the digitalization age we need strong end engaging experiences to get through the noise – and games are all about that! At HiQ we believe that our clients have much to gain by applying game theory and technology to their business. It is therefore vital to create a place where these two worlds meet, and therefor we collaborate with LiU Innovation to arrange the best LiU Game Conference ever. Together we create a place where business and entertainment meet. Welcome to the future!

Speakers 2017

Player Experience Always Comes First

Leanne Loombe, Senior Producer at Riot Games (League of Legends)

Bio: Leanne is a passionate and creative producer with vast experience from positions at Stainless Games (UK), Tsutaya (Japan), Criterion (UK), Ghost Games (Sweden) and now Riot Games (US). She thrive on inspiring and leading teams to deliver strong, high quality player experiences and believe that a positive, fun environment helps to create great games.

Description: Working with one of the most well reputed and exciting brands in computer gaming is a dream come true, but how do you successfully lead complex products? Leanne will share how she got into the games industry and provide in-depth knowledge on what it means to be a producer and what it takes to develop a game such as League of Legends.

Scene: Game Track

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Game Design and the User Experience

Jim Brown, Senior Designer at Epic Games

Bio: Jim Brown has 20 years of experience in the computer and video game industry as a designer, writer, and manager. Jim directed Epic’s development teams as a design lead over the award-winning Unreal series and the blockbuster Gears of War franchise. He’s worked on a wide range of titles, genres, and platforms. He also eats bacon, lots of bacon..

Description: In this talk Jim will discuss the crossover between game design and UX, and in particular how to apply some traditionally 2D UX principles in a 3D virtual space. The talk will include some practical advice and concrete applications.

Scene: Game Track

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How to Design a Unique Telltale Experience

Tara Rueping, Art Director at Telltale Games

Bio: Tara is a senior designer with experience from filmmaking at Lucas Films, concept art for Autodesk, art direction for Linden Lab and now Telltale Games. She is also co-founder of indie studio Tribetoy.

Description: Telltale Games develop games based on engaging stories and strong brands such as Minecraft, The Walking Dead, Batman, Game of Thrones, and many others. Tara will share insights on how is it possible to make such unique games or and over based on a characteristic and recognisable art style.

Scene: Game Track

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Building a Blockbuster Title in Secrecy

Nathalie Ek, Software Engineer / UX Designer at DICE

Bio: Nathalie has tried many titles: software engineer, startup entrepreneur, writer, photographer and professional gamer. Now she is working with Battlefield at DICE in Stockholm. Nathalie holds a M Sc in Media Technology from Linköping University.

Description: Games in the Battlefield franchise are built over long time, by large and distributed teams. Most of the time the development is kept secret. So the team must be able to see into the future and guess what the gamer community wants and what trends are coming. Nathalie will share how it is working in this environment under heavy pressure. She will also share some insights around user interfaces, limited resources and byte budgets.

Scene: Game Track

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Artificial Intelligence – are there any limitations?

Fredrik Heintz, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Linköping University + President of Swedish AI Society

Bio: Fredrik’s main research interests are artificial intelligence and computer science education. More specifically he does research on stream-based reasoning grounded through sensing for safe autonomous systems. Fredrik also teaches and does research on multi-agent systems such as robot soccer (RoboCup) and cooperative unmanned aerial vehicles. To strengthen and promote AI in Sweden, Fredrik is the President of the Swedish AI Society.

Description: Are there limits to how intelligent machines or digital agents can be? Will we see a hyperintelligent agent that possess intelligence far surpassing the brightest and most gifted human mind? What kind of games and applications will AI enable in the future?

Scene: Science Track

Fredrik’s homepage at LiU

Game Design Drawings

Henrike Lode, Lecturer & Creative Director at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts & Lohika ApS

Bio: Henrike Lode is Founder and Creative Director of the Copenhagen-based game studio Lohika where she developed and self-published the award-winning puzzle adventure Machineers. Currently she works on her new game ”To Be A Whale” and teaches at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Henrike holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from HTW Berlin and a M.Sc. in Game Design from the IT University of Copenhagen.

Description: If you are a Game Designer, you know how hard it is to communicate your vision clearly to all members of your team. No matter how well (you think) you explain the overall concept or a specific gameplay mission, no matter how many pages of design documentation you write, there are always misunderstandings and important matters are getting lost, forgotten or ignored. Game Design Drawings are a quick and simple tool to help designers and other team members work towards a shared vision.

Scene: Science Track

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Turning Science into Cool Products

Jörgen Ahlberg, Scientist & Entrepreneur at Linköping University, Termisk Systemteknik, Visage Technologies, Imafor, Scienvisic and more (!)

Bio: Jörgen is an experienced developer, scientist and research leader. He has been managing national and international research projects of various sizes at university, industry and government agency. He is currently running development projects in small high-tech companies, turning scientific results into commercial products. More than fifty scientific publications, of which four award-winning.

Description: Linköping University is leading within computer vision and image processing. But how do you turn academic research into successful companies with cool products? During his talk, Jörgen will give a series of examples from his startups including facial tracking and animation, detection in infrared and hyperspectral images for analysis and more.

Scene: Science Track

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Transmodal interfaces: improving accessibility and gameplay

Mathias Nordvall, Cognitive Scientist & Game Designer at Linköping University

Bio: Mathias works at the intersection of cognitive science and game design where he combines theoretical interest with practical applicability. Games that he has worked on have been nominated at the Swedish Game Awards and he has presented his work at the Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco. He is currently pursuing a PhD at Linköping University and spent last summer at Epic Games’ User Research lab.

Description: Vibrotactile and force feedback devices are good examples of technologies that have been around for decades but are still underutilized as computer game interfaces despite being a standard feature in mobile phones or game controllers. Understanding these interfaces better and their relation to other game interfaces allow us to both improve game accessibility and create new gameplay experiences while at the same time building a game design foundation for working with new interfaces in the future.

Scene: Science Track

Article about Mathias research

Panel discussion: ”The future of the Swedish games industry”

Samuel Ranta Eskola, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Bio: Samuel Rantaeskola started in the games industry 2000 and has been part of the development of five shipped AAA games in different roles at Starbreeze Studios. Since 2011, he has been travelling the world, meeting game developers at their studios, and giving speeches at different game development conferences representing first Hansoft then Simplygon. Simplygon was acquired by Microsoft in early 2017.

Description: During this panel we will discuss the future of the Swedish games industry.

Visit Simplygon Studios

Panel discussion: ”The future of the Swedish games industry”

Anna Norrevik, Producer at Paradox Interactive

Bio: Since a kid, Anna always knew she was going to work in the games industry. After some time in the financial sector she started to work for Paradox as Executive Assistant. Now Anna work as Producer with project Lead for EU4 + CK2 expansions including The Reaper’s Due and Rights of Man. She is managing two teams with programmers, artists, QA, content creators and designers.

Description: During this panel we will discuss the future of the Swedish games industry.

Visit Paradox Interactive

Panel discussion: ”The future of the Swedish games industry”

Jousef Gabro, Consultant Manager and Director of operations at HiQ Ace

Bio: Jousef is a curious individual with an insatiable need for self-improvement. At HiQ Jousef is Consultant Manager with a team och 25 people, as well as being director of operations, responsible for another 48 people. During his spare time, Jousef runs his own game studio Ethereal Games focusing on creating gamified experiences as well as innovative gameplay, preferably in VR.

Description: During this panel we will discuss the future of the Swedish games industry.

Visit HiQ Ace

Panel discussion: ”The future of the Swedish games industry”

Martin Ekdal, Angel Investor & Entrepreneur at Martin Ekdal Invest

Bio: Martin is an entreprenerd, business developer and deal maker who for the last 10 years has been building Simplygon to a de-facto standard and global games-industry brand. Since its inception a decade ago Simplygon has grown into tool that professional game developers worldwide trust every day to make their lives easier. After the acquisition of Simplygon by Microsoft, Martin has been active as an business angel, advisor consultant and public speaker – leveraging his experience and vast network to help others.

Description: During this panel we will discuss the future of the Swedish games industry.

Visit LinkedIn profile

Moderator: Game Track

Carolina Olsson, Community Manager at East Sweden Game

Bio: Tech Pilot, VR buff, Geek girl, Gamer, Maker, Space expert and kick ass moderator. With startups and enthusiasts at Science parks and cocreations hubs because that is where the magic happens.

Description: Moderator of the Game Track.

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Moderator: Science Track

Johanna Nylander, In-house lobbyist at Swedish Games Industry

Bio: Managing Policy Affairs at the Swedish Games Industry organisation. Bachelor’s degree in video games development as a graphic designer, but ended up working in marketing. After a detour in politics and as an op-ed columnist and published author, recruited to Gameloft in Copenhagen as Senior Marketing & PR manager for the Nordic & Baltic market.

Description: Moderator of the Science Track.

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Live artist: True Cuckoo

Andreas Paleologos: Vocals, synthesizers, programming, dancing, song writer, visuals and muppeteer.

Bio: Live debut in 2008. People have come to call my ”genre” as ”Happy Electro”. Most known for my synthesiser tutorials, jams, and presence on YouTube. Especially associated with synthesisers from Teenage Engineering and Elektron, such as the iconic OP-1 and the Analog Keys.

Description: Live artist

Cuckoo homepage

Game Track

Game Track offers games industry talks to inspire you to develop your own game. Talks are 30 minutes long + 10 minutes for questions.

Science Track

Science Track presents academic scientists that shares knowledge around gamification and visualization.

Company Exhibition

Meet innovative companies from the region, expand your network and learn why you should work with them.

Student Game Showcases

Play game prototypes developed by students at Linköping University and developers from East Sweden Game.

SEK to the winning game prototype in LiU Game Awards
participants – students, scientists and entrepreneurs
exciting speakers with focus on games and visualization

About LiU Game Conference

The games industry is one of the fastest growing business areas. In our region we have the best conditions for games studios; we have talent, relevant educations and a great innovation system.

Linköping University is a driving force with courses in games development and research. HiQ turns game technology into business, and East Sweden Game is a co-working space where game developers work closely together..

LiU Innovation (homepage)
HiQ (homepage)
LiU Game
 (Facebook group)
East Sweden Game (homepage)

Event movie from LiUGC 2016


LiU Game Awards

LiU Game Awards is an annual student competition that originates from the course ”Games Programming” (TDDD23) at Linköping University, but any student from LiU can apply. Every year we pick a three winners from 10 nominated game prototypes. The jury consists of seasoned games industry people. The winner get to pick a gaming console and 20.000 SEK to finalize the game!

Congratulations Måns Gezelius – winner of LiU Game Awards 2017!

Here are all winners from 2017:

Dragons Crypt – Måns Gezelius
(20.000 SEK + Nintendo Switch)

Among the Wild – Peter Arvidsson
(Playstation 4 Pro)

ZooControl – Rasmus Johns, Adam Nyberg
(Xbox One)

HiQ Award
Polterheist, Jonathan Lundgren
(A bunch of board games)

Finalists in LiUGA 2017

Winners 2010-2017

Winner 2017: Dragon’s Crypt

Winner 2016: Radical Rabbit Stew

Winner 2015: Blanda

Winner 2014: Scrap Galaxy

Winner 2013: Wrangle Tangle

Winner 2012: Friday

Fellow Student Pick 2011: Kristall

Winner 2010: Pyzzlix

Are you developing games?

East Sweden Game is a co-working space for entrepreneurs and creators within games and digital experiences! We are located at Ebbepark in Linköping, Sweden. Come visit us!

Visit East Sweden Game




Science Park Mjärdevi


Tomas Ahlström



Why are you doing this?

In our region we have the best conditions for games studios; we have talent, relevant education and a great innovation system. At LiU Innovation we inspire students and employees at Linköping University to make amazing products and services - and games are one of the most expansive business areas in the world.

What if there are no availble tickets?

We'll set up waiting list if we run out of tickets.

If I have a ticket, but can't come to the conference - what do I do?

In that case, you MUST cancel your ticket as soon as possible! Instruction are in the ticket confirmation email. Or contact us and we'll help you.

Why do you write in English?

At the university we have a lot of international students. We also invite international speakers and game developers. We want to include as many people as possible to participate in the conference.

In what language is the actual conference?

Most talks are in English, a few may be in Swedish.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

If you are a student or employee at Linköping University, please bring your LiU-ID. If not, we cannot guarantee free entrance. Minimum age is 18 years old.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

If you come by car, use the public garages in central Linköping. Train? Just aim for Linköping Central and find the place on the map.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Tomas Ahlström, - Conference Manager

Erik Berglund, - LiU Game Awards

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Read instructions in the ticket confirmation email, or contact us.

Can I update my registration information?

Use the link you got when you registered, or contact us!

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