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Your start-up journey begins with us

At LiU Innovation we give you advice and practical help to make your idea into reality. We consist of a team of innovation counsellors with experience in building and running businesses.

At our disposal, we have several established tools (and methods) that we use.

Below you can see what the start-up journey entails and how you can get support from us.

Sharpen your idea

The world is full of ideas. To reach success, it is important to make sure your idea creates value. By thoroughly processing your idea and clarifying it, you take the first step on the journey of success.

Define your idea

For an idea to be useful, it must be clear. With the NABC model, you challenge your thoughts about the idea and the perceived value it creates for your potential clients.
The model gives you a clearer image of what issue needs to be solved and helps you strengthen your idea.

Make sure to bring forward Need rather than Approach. When you prepare your NABC, do so in order of priority NCBA. However, present the idea in order NABC.

Create the right team

The team behind an idea is in most cases more important than the idea itself. Every idea, good or bad, requires further development and refinement. The right team can improve, reject and come up with new ideas based on the old (usually called “pivoting” in management lingo).

There is no idea so good that it sells itself, and such an idea is seldom worth very much. Every idea requires a person or a team that further develops the idea into a deal, and value arises with a deal.

LiU Innovation helps you as owner of an idea identify which qualifications are needed to build your team, and with our extensive network we help you find these. We also hold different matchmaking activities, for example Venture Arena and the Summer Match.

A pithy pitch

To simply and shortly describe your idea can feel difficult but it is an important part in realizing your idea. We work with pitch training, a method that helps you both present in a clear and concise while developing the idea at the same time.

The method works in a way that lets you present the idea several times in front of a panel giving business developing feedback from many perspectives, for example a client perspective, an investor perspective and so on. Between presentations you get time to refine both the presentation itself as well as developing your business idea.

Feedback is given in a positive spirit from our innovation counsellors in combination with external experts within different professions.

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Test your idea

Going from an idea to a revenue-creating solution is all about gathering more knowledge and further development of the idea. The value of an idea rises when it meets the market and comes into use.

Structured work defining and developing the value offering through dialogue with potential clients, business partners and experts is a vital part.

Testa marknaden med Hjälp från LiU Innovation

Sum up your value

Value Creating Forum is a structured workshop with the purpose of getting input for an idea that develops and refines the value it gives a defined target group. This works as a basis from the NABC model, which you can read about above.

In the workshop, the owner of an idea makes a short presentation (pitch) of about ten minutes working from the NABC model. The owner of the idea then gets feedback from defined perspectives, for example on possible improvements, bits to bring into light, clients or investors.

During the feedback, the presenters can only listen and take notes. Afterwards, there is the possibility to hold another presentation using this feedback, or bring it into future work.

Offer what the client wants

Being able to develop the right product relies on knowing what the clients want. The only way to find this out is to speak with them. You do this by different types of market analysis.

At LiU Innovation, we help you identify the right activities to test your idea on the market. At our disposal, there are means of verification, a financial support especially aimed at testing ideas toward clients. You apply for the means with us.

Schedule your first meeting

The first client meeting can feel a bit jittery, but reaching clients at an early stage is vital in knowing how you should develop your product or service.

With a good idea, you can receive help from us at LiU Innovation, both in scheduling your first client meetings and in following them through. Together we make a list of potential clients, and we help you make calls booking meetings as well as follow you to your first meetings as your “sidekick”.

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Protect your idea

On the path from idea to product or service, there are many questions to consider. One of the most important ones is which kind of protection suits your idea. There are many types of protection, and at LiU Innovation we help you identify your needs and find the right kind of protection.

Below you can find a summary of the different forms of protection and what we at LiU Innovation can help you with.

LiU Innovation hjälper dig att skydda din idé


A patent is an exclusive right for a technical solution which stands for many years. This often makes for the foundation for a company or a license deal. Our experience tells us that you need to put a whole lot of energy into your patent application for it to be of use.

We gladly offer to help you from the get-go with defining what you want to achieve with your patent, what you have invented and how you want to commercialize it.

First, we perform a news review to find out if your invention is previously known, as to know if your patent application can be granted.


A brand is a token of recognition: a name, word or a logo used to identify a product, service or company.

A granted protection of a trademark means that you have the exclusive rights of using that brand. In the long run, the brand can become highly valuable, perhaps even your most valuable asset.


If you want to protect your design or shaping of a product so that no one else can use it, you should apply for design protection. This protection can then make a foundation for a business or be the grounds for a license deal.

We help you apply for design protection suiting you and the deal you aim to reach with your design. Take notice that design protection is a protection for form and looks and thus not for protection of technology or function.


Copyright gives you the exclusive rights to a work you create when it comes to, for example, books, writings, music, pictures and computer programs.

Copyright can protect large revenues and the licensing fees are paid by those who use the work.

We offer you, as creator of a copyrighted work, advice and help in what applies. We can also help you if you need to use someone else’s copyrighted work.


To reach the best possible results for your deal, some of your knowledge might perhaps need to be secret. This can regard both technical solutions and business contents.

We help you with how you ought to handle confidentiality, as well as provide a basis in deals for you to use at the moments where you need to share confidential knowledge.

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Make your idea into a deal

You have a well-defined idea, a strong team and you know what the client wants. Now it is time to make your idea into a deal. At LiU Innovation, we support you the entire way to the point where you have sent your first bill.

Sign important contracts

At an early stage in a team, it is vital to begin discussing visions, goals and distribution of ownership, and that you write this down into a partnership contract that can later make the foundation for a shareholder deal as well as ownership directives.

To complete your first deal, you need a client contract. This could either be a traditional contract or one consisting of an offer, order and order confirmation. The client contract regulates what is to be delivered, at what price and under what conditions.

LiU Innovation helps you with the business part of contracts and have access to legal expertise for counselling.

Financing the business

Finding a sustainable means of financing is important in being able to build a successful business. The best means of financing is client revenue and LiU Innovation offers counselling and practical help in generating this.

You also have the possibility to, via LiU Innovation, apply for funding to verify your idea. Another alternative is to apply for public venture capital via LiU Innovation’s neighbouring business LiU Invest.

Form your organization

There are different means of organization. We recommend stock companies for commercial ideas. Starting a stock company is a simple task and relatively cheap. The cost can be kept as low as in the hundreds. This also means that you decouple the organization’s economy from the founder/founders’ economy.

For non-commercial ideas, there are different forms of associations to choose from. An association can give you access to other types of cooperation and financing for your idea. At the same time, you need to be at least three people who share the foundation of an idea, which is then written into the by-laws of the association and is then the purpose of the association that all members should share. We help formulate these by-laws so the association has a clear direction and for you to engage with more people.

To organize oneself in different forms of associations has its pros and cons. We see no difference in engaging ideally or economically, our job is to help you navigate these, and to support you in creating a sustainable and relevant organization.

Sell your idea

Licensing means that you give one or several businesses the rights to use your idea. These rights are most often paid either with a lump-sum of funds or in ongoing royalties. How this is done is regulated in a licensing deal that plays a vital part and should be carried out with great care.

Licensing deals can be shaped in many ways. We can help you with the grounds for a contract, support at potential negotiations and if a licensee is needed.

One of the biggest perks with licensing your innovation is that businesses with worked-out canals for selling often gets a product onto the market quicker than you could by yourself. On the other hand, it could be a whole lot more fun starting your own business.

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