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Work with human rights defenders to improve the world

Human rights defenders put themselves at great risk defending fundamental human rights. With LiU Changemakers you get the opportunity to work with their needs in order to increase their security and the impact of their work. It’s a chance for you to create a difference in the world.

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About the program

LiU Changemakers is a four-month program where students at Linköping University work with human rights defenders to contribute to making their work safer and more efficient. Through our partner organization Civil Rights Defenders, we collect needs from human rights defenders. As a student you will work alongside other students, and get support from LiU Innovation, in order to find solutions to the human rights defender’s needs.

As part of LiU Changemarkers, you will work in a group to generate ideas, assess if your ideas actually solve the needs and form teams that can continue to work with these ideas after the program has ended. You do not need previous experience of entrepreneurship or idea development; you will learn this as part of the program.

All students at LiU may apply to LiU Changemakers. We would like you to have completed about two years of your education so that you can benefit from the knowledge you gained in the program. It is important that you have a strong commitment to social development projects, and that you are willing to work with a team to pursue the ideas further after the program ends. You will keep getting support from LiU Innovation and will eventually be prepared to apply to LiU Impact Factory.

Application is open twice a year, once during the spring and once during the autumn. The program starts the following semester.

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LiU Changemakers is a collaboration between:

We innovate to increase Human Rights Defenders…


To improve the security of Human Rights Defenders in their context.


To empower human rights defenders to increase their impact on civil and political rights.


To ensure that the work of human rights defenders can continue long into the future.


Karin Ackerholm
Project manager

Tel: +46 13- 286789

Simon Boiertz
Community Manager


Jenny Wallhoff
Communications Officer

Tel: +46 13- 288917

Anna Pettersson Nulu
Project Coordinator

Tel: +46 70 484 96 83

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