A strong team creates possibilities to develop an idea and stability for future development.

To reach desired results, competence and drive often need to be complemented during the start-up journey. LiU Innovation provides counselling from the project’s current make-up and from the current short and long-term goals.

Specific efforts can be made by consultants, while business-building and long-term goals is about complementing with competence and experience (for example via Venture Arena), new perspectives and drive in development (for example via the Summer Match).


Venture Arena®

Realizing a business idea often requires an innovator passionate about their idea, their product and their technology, as well as an entrepreneur passionate about the deal and business-building. Many of the ideas we work with have their origin in research. Many researchers that form businesses to commercialize their research want to work part-time in the business while maintaining their research as their main occupation.

Venture Arena is for businesses and projects that are in search of a CEO, board or key people for part-ownership. Thus, Venture Arena is for matching innovators with entrepreneurs to build successful teams.

The Venture Arena event itself works so that innovators give brief presentations on their businesses or projects in front of an audience consisting of entrepreneurs and angel investors. After the presentations, there is time for private talks between innovators and entrepreneurs. All the presenters are filmed, so that the match-making can continue on

There are several successful examples of matchings made at Venture Arena, which have then led to successful businesses.

Venture Arena Success Stories

The Summer Match

In the Summer Match, research-based projects are matched with the drive and innovation of committed students. Employees at LiU with projects aimed at the commercializing of knowledge and research results can turn in project proposals at the Summer Match.

Students wishing to contribute to a project making it to the next step apply to be a part of this. Every year projects are matched with students and are chosen to do six week’s work, for example in market analysis, mapping or prototype work.

The efforts result in new solutions, deals with clients and new businesses, as well as continued development towards an established innovation. The value is both in a verified business idea and complementing competence which gives the efforts direction and a boost.

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