About us

Knowledge to purpose

LiU Innovation is the university’s innovation office that supports students, researchers and employees in their start-up journey. LiU Innovation is owned by Linköping University via LiU Holding AB.

LiU Innovation also works within education at LiU in elements aiming to further increase student’s interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, through inspirational lectures among other things.

At LiU Innovation there are eleven innovation counsellors. During 2015, 75 ideas were verified and 24 businesses were started, four of which were accepted into the incubator LEAD.

LiU Innovation is a unit within LiU Holding AB. LiU Holding has a widely-spread mission. Everything from idea and investment support for students, researchers and employees, to active collaboration with the community.

LiU Holding keeps to missions, Innovation and Collaboration. Innovation entails running and developing the university’s innovation offices LiU Innovation, conducting investment work through LiU Invest, and offering business incubators in Linköping and Norrkoping through the affiliate LEAD.

Collaboration entails the association LiU Relation, as well as the two affiliates, Spetsa, and since the end of 2015 the brand-new student-consulting business Unitalent.

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